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A “New” Great Exercise?

Having read several articles and blogs lately singing the praises of the best new exercise; we have been mildly amused. The gist of the what we have read, spoke with passion about a pure exercise with total body benefits and a laser like focus on building back and bicep muscles.  Sounds good right? Read More »

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Pull Up Reps: Setting A New PR

Straight Bar Wall MountWe have been asked often about the best way to improve pull up strength and increase volume. My standard response, before getting too detailed, is “to do more pull ups, you need to Read More »

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The STEELFIT Showroom

The STEELFIT Showroom is literally INSIDE a massive Steel fabrication shop. The cavernous space includes sky high ceilings, cranes, lifts, trucks, machinery and steel EVERYWHERE. Read More »

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