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Extra Pounds, Extra Effort

Guy doing pull ups on a Steelfit bar

Pull Ups with extra effort

My workouts have been consistent and remain fairly vigorous; in fact, I have been working pretty hard as of late.

However, one must always remember that exercise is only half the battle. Balancing a clean diet with time in the gym, pool and elsewhere is the real key. Read More »

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Pull Up Perfection

In Pursuit of the Perfect Pull Up” is the stated mission of Steelfit. With that said, we thought it would only be fair if we further defined the ground rules for the search. Would it ultimately lead to a pull up demonstrated with absolute perfect form? Would it lead us to the perfect pull up bar upon which to perform the exercise? If I asked for a definition from ten different people, would I get a consistent answer?   Read More »
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Pull Up Bars Au Naturale

Polished chrome, powder coated, galvanized, padded, textured, painted, etc. The number of questions we recieve regarding the actual finish on pull up bar surfaces has ramped up; hmm. Read More »

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