About STEELFIT® Strength Systems

Our History

Shortly after being introduced to CrossFit and other high intensity workouts, a frustration set in regarding the inadequate pull up bars available in our neighborhood gyms or for purchase to use at home.

After joining forces with  a partner in the steel fabrication business, STEELFIT® Strength Systems was created. Through experimentation, we developed some awesome wall mount pull up bars great for all gym settings – from CrossFit gyms and firehouses to military sites and universities. These pull up bars are easy to install and perfect for athletes of all skill levels. We have expanded by creating the innovative STEELFIT® FREE-Bar™ and the original STEELFIT Strength Grid™ pull up stations.

Our Vision

We are committed to the ongoing pursuit of the perfect pull up no matter where the journey takes us.

The STEELFIT® Mission

Our mission is to make every STEELFIT® customer a fan and advocate. We strive to offer the very best pull up bars on the market and to contribute positively to the good health and wellness of our customers and our community.

Become a Part of the Pursuit of the Perfect Pull Up

Our guiding vision and the search for new ideas never ends; the next great pull up bar design, new pull up exercises and unique new products. Join in, share and follow the STEELFIT® blog.