Staying Strong and Strong Minded

At some point in time, we have all tweaked , strained or down right damaged something in our quest to stay fit. And along with the physical pain comes the mental anguish of not being able to do what your mind is trained for and wants to do. Long recovery injuries can really take their toll mentally; it wasn’t too long ago that I was nursing a shoulder issue for over 6 months  and can honestly say that it came close many times to pulling me down. Read More »

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Pull Up Basics for the New Year

Getting Back to the Basics

We are all reminded constantly at home, work, the gym and everywhere, that regular coaching and a good refresher is often the perfect prescription needed to jump start the mind and body. Getting back to the basics by reviewing the fundamentals and practicing can apply in just about all that we do in life. I can’t think of a better way to start 2014. Read More »

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Six Week Chin Up Challenge

The editors of Women’s Health Magazine reached out to STEELFIT for help recently and we supplied them with our classic FREE-Bar, free standing pull up bar system.  Just what was needed for the Women’s Health Six Week Chin Up Challenge featured in the September issue of the magazine and on line at Read More »

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Taming The BEAST from STEELFIT

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Improving Grip Strength

Jim from Beast Skills showing off Grip Strength

BEAST SKILLS Grip Strength Demo

In honor of the release of the new Steelfit “BEAST” Super Thick Pull Up Bar, we thought we would devote a post to share again some of our thoughts from over the years regarding grip strength and just how important it is.  Read More »

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