Pull Up Bars….for Hanging!

This post was inspired by the recent devastation I brought to my hands on the way to 200 pulls in a scheduled work out. By 130, my hands were shredded; really bad shape for whatever reason. Read More »

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To Increase Your Pull Ups, Do More Pull Ups

We have been asked often about the best way to improve pull up strength and increase volume. My standard response, before getting too detailed, is “to do more pull ups, you need to do more pull ups”. Practice, practice and practice more. Read More »

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Pancakes and Pull Ups

STEELFIT has grown tired of whipping up the pancakes every weekend for the kids at home, complete with butter, syrup and sausage on the side; to simply be a spectator. My eggs, greek yogurt and high fiber cereal just was not cutting it this  morning after a grueling workout, complete with a dose of high rep pull ups. Read More »

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Pull Ups – The Perfect Exercise

Reflecting on our pull up journey over the last several years, education alone has been eye opening for sure. While we thought we knew something about pull ups before, what we really garnered was how much more there was to learn.

Read More »

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Commando Grip Pull Ups

Keep your hands moving!

Commando Pull Up Demonstration

Commando Pull Up Demo on FREE-Bar

Recently, we were talking with some guys about “loading” the arsenal with more pull-up options to incorporate into your daily workouts. By varying the pull up, you will hit different muscles each time. Wide Grip, Close Grip, Off-Set and one of our personal favorites, the COMMANDO are now staples in the pull up diet. Read More »

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