Beliefs vs.Limiting Beliefs and the Pull Up

Sitting in a leadership meeting recently at the “day job” this week eventually turned to this topic; the idea of building a culture of belief and confidence instead of the opposite, where a belief of not succeeding is widely accepted and therefore, realized. Read More »

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Body Weight Simplicity…..Pull, Push,Squat

Body Weight training has and always will be at center of any well rounded and serious strength training program. As you know, at Steelfit, we fanatically sing the praises of our favorite BW variety; the pull up. Read More »

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Bridges and Bars…………

We can’t begin to tell how often guys ask about bars that can be installed outdoors and able to stand the test of the weather extremes. The reality is that most products on the market are NOT made to withstand the elements of long term, sustained exposure outdoors. Read More »

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A “New” Great Exercise?

Having read several articles and blogs lately singing the praises of the best new exercise; we have been mildly amused. The gist of the what we have read, spoke with passion about a pure exercise with total body benefits and a laser like focus on building back and bicep muscles.  Sounds good right? Read More »

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Pull Up Reps: Setting A New PR

Straight Bar Wall MountWe have been asked often about the best way to improve pull up strength and increase volume. My standard response, before getting too detailed, is “to do more pull ups, you need to Read More »

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