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Pull Up Basics for the New Year

Getting Back to the Basics

We are all reminded constantly at home, work, the gym and everywhere, that regular coaching and a good refresher is often the perfect prescription needed to jump start the mind and body. Getting back to the basics by reviewing the fundamentals and practicing can apply in just about all that we do in life. I can’t think of a better way to start 2017.

Practicing the Perfect Pull Up on a Steelfit bar

Getting Back to the “Pull Up” Basics

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Steel Shop Fun and Pull Ups!

STEELFIT Manufacturing FacilityThe Steelfit Showroom is literally INSIDE a massive Steel fabrication shop. The cavernous space includes sky high ceilings, cranes, lifts, trucks, machinery and steel EVERYWHERE.

Steel Beams, Channels, Rods, Pipe and steel everything for as far as you can see. After getting some work done in the studio where the Steelfit equipment is produced, I love to take time to venture away to explore to see what type of “steel” trouble I could get into. Read More »

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Taming The BEAST from STEELFIT

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Improving Grip Strength

Jim from Beast Skills showing off Grip Strength

BEAST SKILLS Grip Strength Demo

In honor of the release of the new Steelfit “BEAST” Super Thick Pull Up Bar, we thought we would devote a post to share again some of our thoughts from over the years regarding grip strength and just how important it is.  Read More »

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Pull Ups – The Perfect Exercise

Reflecting on our pull up journey over the last several years, education alone has been eye opening for sure. While we thought we knew something about pull ups before, what we really garnered was how much more there was to learn.

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