Custom Pull Up Bar Projects

At STEELFIT®, we aim to outfit your gym or training location with exactly what you want and need. Maybe that simply means altering the size of the bar on our standard wall mount pull up bar styles to accommodate your location or making some minor adjustments to the bar diameter or interior exercise options on the standard Strength Grid™ products.

Whatever your specific needs, we have product designers and engineers that take the ideas submitted by you and create your one-of-a-kind piece that exists only in your gym.

Custom Wall Mount Pull Up Bars, FREE-Bars & Custom Strength Grid™ Pull Up Bar Systems

Like all STEELFIT® pull up bars, our products are made with structural grade steel, blackened for rugged authenticity and are hand crafted in America with care. Our standard Strength Grid™ 14’ Base Unit and 20’ Extended Unit are unlike the other pull up rigs you see at gym down the street. All STEELFIT® Strength Grids™ have been designed to provide added functionality to increase efficiency, maximize space and have an authentic design format.

We recognize that each athlete or coach has a vision and each training location may have different needs. Whether that involves minor revisions to our standard Strength Grid™ products or a complete re-design, we are eager to assist you with your next project.

Each customized Strength Grid™ is a STEELFIT® original! Some have even incorporated massive steel I – Beams to form a one-of-a-kind raised body weight obstacle course while providing the surfaces and durability required for hanging a variety of equipment (rings, ropes, TRX, etc.). The work-out options on a customized STEELFIT® Strength Grid™ are only limited by the athletes’ imagination.

To arrange for a phone consultation to discuss you custom Strength Grid™ project, contact us at


STEELFIT® through local partners, offers installation services in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut tri-state area. All other custom projects are shipped via UPS or freight (depending on the project) and are installed on site by the customer or a local installation professional. For inquiries and quotes regarding your custom pull up bar needs, contact us at

Visit the STEELFIT® photo gallery to see our Custom Pull Up Bars in Action