A Pull Up For Your Thoughts

FREE Bar in action

Free standing pull up bar pull up demonstration

Working out for me is often the time where my mind wanders the most. Wandering in a good way that is; not when I am deep into a set of heavy lifts of course, but for that 60-90 minutes that I reserve for myself each day, it is “MY” time…..for thinking, dreaming, organizing and re-grouping. While juggling home, work and so many life priorities, our work-out time is often the respite from it all….and the foundation that keeps us going. 

While reading an article this past week, I was intrigued by the recap of a new study that analyzed the correlation between financial riches and happiness.  This gave me something to think on during a long run this morning. Especially interesting was the issue of a diminishing point of returns; making more money UP TO A CERTAIN point brings happiness. Whereby, the more financial success gained from that point on didn’t bring on the same.

When thinking further on the topic, it is clear that “rich” is a relative term, no? Rich financially is certainly nice in theory. Honestly, I don’t know of too many who say its completely unimportant. After all, we all do like to have the money to buy the things we want and to do the things that make us happy (we think). In contrast however, there are many rich and famous who seem to be very much deprived of REAL riches in life.

A commitment to daily fitness is so much more than just exercise. For some it may be just a chore, ordered by the DOC to cut some weight or improve cardiovascular health. For athletes, it may be work; the training necessary to actually perform and excel in your chosen field. For many however, it is a choice to find balance and feel better about each day….a way of life that is more fulfilling than the empty alternative. 

So some may wish a penny for THEIR thoughts and seek financial wealth and riches. While that’s all well and good, for me the riches found through a commitment to fitness each day is the wealth I seek…..”a pull up for your thoughts in our case”……far more rewarding in my book!

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