Fitness Aids And Accessories

At STEELFIT® we are passionate believers that the pull up is the king of all body weight strength exercises. From the back and biceps to forearms and grip strength, there is no exercise more natural and effective. All you really need is some guts, the will and a good pull up bar — a STEELFIT® pull up bar of course!

As advocates of all things “pull up”, we do offer several pull up accessories and fitness aids that can assist in maximizing your work on your new pull up bar. From resistance bands to help develop a strict pull for those who are still learning, to pull up handles for others looking for an extra challenge. We have hand selected some great accessories and other fitness aids for you to choose.

While doing pull ups is mission critical on your new STEELFIT® bar, try out some other exercises with your pull up bar, like hanging leg raises, knees to elbows (or raise your toes to the bar). These are  great additions to your regular exercise diet; working your grip, core and abdomen.

Browse our store for other fitness aids and pull up accessories that will further maximize your workout on your STEELFIT® bar.

Pull Up Revolution

Pull Up Revolution