Frequently Asked Questions About Pull Up Bars

Q. What is the weight limit on a STEELFIT® wall mount pull up bar?
A. All STEELFIT® pull bars are made with heavy gauge, structural grade steel. Athletes of all sizes can be seen using the bars in the images throughout the STEELFIT® site. The integrity of the wall surface and installation is most significant variable when considering weight limitations.

Q. How much does it cost to ship a STEELFIT® bar?  
A. Shipping rates are calculated on the STEELFIT® Store shipping cart at check out. Rates vary by product weight and distance. Wall mount pull up bars ship UPS and the FREE-Bar™ and Strength Grid™ pull up station ship via Freight Carrier.

Q. Do you ship internationally?
A. At this time, STEELFIT® only ships in the USA and Canada.

Q. Can STEELFIT® wall mount bars be installed on brick or cinder block walls?
A. Yes. STEELFIT® pull up bars are often installed into masonry walls using appropriate concrete anchors.  

Q. Can I assemble and install a STEELFIT® Strength Grid™ on my own?
A. Yes. We provide detailed assembly instructions. The bars can be assembled using simple tools or you may seek the help of an installation professional. Anchoring the unit to the floor is required to ensure safety.

Q. How high should a pull up bar be from the floor?
A. Depending on the height of the athlete, bars are typically installed between 7’6” to 8’ from the floor.

Q. Can I kip with a STEELFIT® wall mount bar?
A. Yes. Our personal favorite is the butterfly kip on our wall mount models.

Q. What do I do if my wall studs don’t center at 48”?
A. STEELFIT® can customize the size of your bar upon request. Contact us at

Q. What size are the brackets that mount to the wall for STEELFIT® wall mount bars?
A. The brackets extend 22’ from the wall. The bracket plates that mount to the wall are 12” tall by 5” wide. Mounting holes are set in the center of the plate at 1” from the top, 1” from the bottom and in the middle of the plate.

Q. What size lag bolts are provided for wall mount bars?
A. ½” x 2 ½” lag bolts

Q. Do you have a return policy?
A. Yes. We accept returns on unused/undamaged products. See full return policy at Customer is responsible for return shipping. Customized projects are non-refundable.

Q.  How do I care for my STEELFIT® pull up bar systems?
A. Like all equipment, STEELFIT® bars should receive regular maintenance. Check periodically for loose bolts. To maintain the authentic STEELFIT® finish, we recommend wiping the bar with a rag dampened with a non-odorous lubricant (vegetable oil).

Q. How sturdy is the STEELFIT® FREE-Bar™?
A. The design and weight of the FREE-Bar™ensures that it is ultra stable and wobble free. For permanent installation, you can bolt to the floor.

Q.  Can STEELFIT® products be installed outdoors?
A. Currently, our bars are not suitable for sustained outdoor use. Our standard finish is a blackened RAW steel finish.  We are finalizing plans to offer all of our products in a powder coated, painted finish which would be suitable for outdoor use. Stay tuned.

Have a question about our pull up bar products that is not addressed here? Email us and we will be happy to help you.