Steel Shop Fun and Pull Ups!

STEELFIT Manufacturing FacilityThe Steelfit Showroom is literally INSIDE a massive Steel fabrication shop. The cavernous space includes sky high ceilings, cranes, lifts, trucks, machinery and steel EVERYWHERE.

Steel Beams, Channels, Rods, Pipe and steel everything for as far as you can see. After getting some work done in the studio where the Steelfit equipment is produced, I love to take time to venture away to explore to see what type of “steel” trouble I could get into.

Now, I know lots of guys that would have an absolute field day exploring the shop in general….but my favorite finds are almost always in the SCRAP barrels; that is where it gets really fun. This is where odd pieces end up as by-products of other jobs in progress. What I find there is always a bonanza, with dozens of toys the result.

I-Beam pieces of varying weights and widths are perfect for doing farmers walks, weighted pull ups or walking lunges. There are almost always solid rods and pipes of all sizes to experiment with overhead squats, snatches, pressing and all sorts of “body bar” type moves. Then there is the plates, channels and large pipes……….varying sizes and weights; for pressing, cleans and you name it; so much fun.

Putting all of that aside, one can only imagine the many places you can simple hang and do pull ups. Gripping the inside of an I-Beam flange or from a railing high above the first floor production floor.

You may recall the saying, “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”. For Steelfit, the scrap barrel in the steel shop is it:  Steel Shop Fun for sure!


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