STEELFIT® Strength Grid™ Pull Up Stations

A STEELFIT® Strength Grid™ pull up station can easily be the centerpiece of your gym or CrossFit box and will instantly create buzz and interest. Why feature the same pull up rigs as the guy down the street? Your gym can set itself apart with the highest quality pull up bars available.

STEELFIT® Strength Grids™ are unlike other multi-user pull up bar stations on the market.  Like all STEELFIT® pull up bars, our products are made with structural grade steel, blackened for rugged authenticity and are hand crafted in America with care.  

At STEELFIT®, added functionality to increase efficiency and maximize space has been a hallmark of our pull up bar station designs. Standard Strength Grid® designs are now available for shipping all over the US and Canada.

STEELFIT® Strength Grid™ Product Specifications

Standard size Strength Grid™ base unit is 14′ long by 6′ wide and can be installed either against the wall or in open space to access bar surfaces from all sides. Height includes both 7-1/2′ and 8-1/2′ tall pull up bars. The Strength Grid™ base unit can be extended by another 6′ for a 20′ system and then expanded further with additional extensions. Custom sizes and configurations are also available.
The primary pull up bar surface is off-set from the frame with a 1-1/4″ outside diameter bar and is perfect for strict or kipping pull ups. Secondary pull up bars form an interior monkey bars course and parallel bars offer additional fitness stations and unique exercise options that are only limited by the imagination.

The STEELFIT® Strength Grid™ pull up station has been designed with the option to accommodate accessories to convert up to four work stations into squat racks or for use with a bench for pressing for maximum space efficiency.

The STEELFIT® Strength Grid™ is made from hand welded steel square tube, steel channel and finished in our signature raw, blackened steel for rugged authenticity.

Easy Assembly

Installation instructions and all necessary assembly hardware will accompany your STEELFIT® Strength Grid™.  Along with a buddy, you can assemble and install your Strength Grid™ with relative ease on your own with common tools. You will need a hammer, two wrenches for ½” Bolts (3/4” socket), hammer drill/drill bit to accommodate fastener of choice (varies based on floor construction and installation method you select) to make the holes in the floor for bolting. Consulting a professional installer is recommended if you have any questions regarding the installation in your specific location.


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