Tis’ the Season

For pulling, of course!!

Turkeys, ham, holiday cheer, trays of sweets, over-indulgent feasts…..all are about to lurk around every corner for the next few weeks. The Holiday Season is about to kick into full gear this Thanksgiving Weekend and as everyone readies themselves for the BIG days ahead culimating with year another New Year celebration. 

For me this year, the temptations seem a bit more severe and my will power a bit weaker. So what is that all about anyway? As I have pondered this thought, I have come to realize that letting the guard down and cheating a bit for a short while is nothing too severe and actually probably pretty healthy (mentally especially) in the long run. As long as it is short lived respite to re-fuel for the serious work ahead. And, as long as one maintains a fairly vigorous overall work load, the disciplined cheating isn’t the end of the world. It IS the Season after all and its about fellowship, giving and thanksgiving.

However, as holidays set in, I am always impressed in the gym with the guys and girls out there who simply don’t let up.  It’s almost as though that slice of pumpkin pie was the motivating force behind those 10 extra kipping pull ups, toes to bar leg raises or more intensified interval sprints.

So, while some may be tending to the fire, roasting chestnuts and drinking Hot Toddies, I’ll raise my glass to the guys still out there working hard……….. ‘Tis the Season………for pulling’

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