Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars

STEELFIT® wall mounted pull up bars are made from the genuine article; extra heavy gauge steel and our classic raw, blackened steel finish provides for rugged authenticity and maximum performance. Our pull up bars are meticulously crafted and hand welded to ensure the highest quality. You may find prettier pull up bars, but for strength and performance, STEELFIT® pull up bars are unmatched and will last forever.

Our wall mount pull up bars are perfect for any gym or training environment, including:

  • home gyms
  • schools & universities
  • training centers
  • garages
  • commercial gyms
  • Crossfit gyms
  • fitness studios
  • Physical therapy centers
  • Firehouses
  • Military sites

Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar Specifications

All wall mount pull up bars are installed using our bomb proof brackets that extend 22″ from the wall to accommodate kipping and strict pull ups. STEELFIT® pull up bars are also great for TRX training, with resistance bands or hanging heavy bags for boxing regimens. For pull ups, at 1-1/4″ diameter, the pull up bar surface provides a comfortable grip for athletes of all sizes and skill level.

Pull Up Bar Styles 

Whether you need a multi-user wall mount pull up bar for a school gym, recreation center,  athlete training facility or just a single user straight bar for your garage, there is a STEELFIT wall mount bar to choose from.  Our wall mount pull up bars come in several styles, grip positions and sizes.  Our BEAST Bar is a super thick pull up bar. It is truly one-of-a-kind and ideal for athletes seeking extra challenge while building impossibly strong forearms and improved grip strength.  Another choice, the STEELFIT 96″ three user straight pull up bar has become the fan favorite for universities, high schools and other training sites.

Easy Install

Pull up bars are mounted using the hardware included on center into the wood studs in your wall. The mounting brackets are 5″ wide by 12″ tall with three holes for the mounting bolts; one in the middle and the other two, each set 1” from the top and bottom of the mounting plate. Installation instructions are provided for a simple and quick install. STEELFIT® wall mount pull up bars can also be installed into masonry and a variety of wall materials; please consult a qualified professional installer or hardware store.


Wall mounted pull up bar bracket

STEELFIT® wall mounted pull up bar bracket


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